Spot the Highly Sensitive Person

Hier ein sehr interessanter Artikel auf Englisch, wie man andere Hochsensible erkennt… Sehr faszinierend – very fascinating! Have fun!



Can you pick up on who’s a highly sensitive person without asking if they are?  Is there a way to tell if someone is HSP or not without administering the self-test?  Why do I care?

It’s a game a play with myself.  I’ve been doing it my whole life without knowing I was doing it and even before I knew what being highly sensitive was.

The game consists of answering one question:  could I be friends with that person?  The answer usually comes suddenly without much thought after being around someone for a while or listening to them talk about their life or reading about them.  Or reading their work or listening to their music.  The highly sensitive people are the ones I’m sure I could be friends.  In other words I could be my weird self with them instead of the kind of closed off, distant, self-protective person I…

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